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Another fell to the onslaught, collapsing against the now destroyed landscape. The amount of bodies littering the once floral landscape was in the thousands, and rising. Near the edge of the field a group of fleeing soldiers continues to run to safety, one looked back.
"Torvaus!" He screamed as he saw his friend fall, an arrow protruding from his back. A firm hand grabbed his shoulder "Leave him he's dead!" his restrainer screamed. he stared at them.
"Dammit I do not leave friends behind!" he knocked her hand free and started back. she yelled in frustration and fired over his head taking a Jumper in the chest.
"Fuck! come back alive you moron!" she fired again into the oncoming wave and rejoined the fleeing group.
He dodged back and forth, arrows and focus shots barely an inch from his body. The giant sword he bore in his right hand began growing heavy, blood dripping off it's massive surface. His armor, once smooth, now had nicks, cuts, and slashes on every surface. His defining mask now barely clung to his face, a long gash up and over the left eye. it would be a scar. his vision blurred by the blood dripping into it.
The closer he got the more accurate his enemies shots became, although they slowed in frequency and he soon saw why. most of them ran to his fallen comrade raising weapons for a anticipated kill. He threw his massive sword towards them screaming in defiance, all of them too focused to notice the massive spinning blade. Sixteen half's  fell to the ground, one clawed for his lower half, but was immediately crushed into the soil.
He grabbed his friends arm.
" crazy bastard," Torvaus wheezed. "I'm good as dead, get out of here."
"No," he responded. "I've never left anyone behind alive or dead, and I am NOT starting now" with his friend supported on his right shoulder he started running back. The enemy began another assault.
"ha.. no wonder we follow your suicide ass." He coughed, blood splatted his chest.
"save your energy for the fun later old friend," he knew this could be cutting it close. The arrow had definitely punctured a lung and maybe cut his heart he wasn't one-hundred percent sure, but it was close. The enemy was fast gaining on his trail, the shots getting closer and closer. One of them jumped in front causing him to grind to a stop to dodge a thrown dagger.
"you're going nowhere filth!" the enemy stated, drawing a longsword from his side. "Now die!"
the overzealous fool made the first move lunging straight forward aiming for the wounded, bad choice. A simple sidestep put him at a awkward stumble and a dagger in the back brought him to eternal darkness.
        "they never learn do they?" Torvaus gave a small laugh as the newly deceased hit the ground.
"be glad for it." they stated out again heading for the one place that could be considered safe. A quick burst of speed brought them away from the enemy and near the now closing portal. He threw his friend first and jumped in after..........

                                                        to be continued whenever


Kyle D.
United States


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